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Iron Age

In Iron Age, the people who lived in Britain were Celtics. The Celtics were organised in tribes and in each tribes there were many clans. The clans were like a big family formed by many families. Each clan han their own social structure and customs, and their own local gods.

The parents didn't raised their children, children were farmed out to their foster parents.


Farming tools:

-Iron-tipped ploughs(called an Ard or Scratch plough): pulled by oxen making cultivation of heavy clay soils possible. The Ard was made primarily from wood with an iron tip to penetrate the ground, but it did not have mould boards or large blades used on more recent European ploughs to turn the soil over. It made a simple furrow or narrow trench to sow the seed in; to obtain a good tilth, it is likely that fields were ploughed in one direction and then cross-ploughed in the other.

-Iron Sickles: were also used to harvest crops, as well as cutting and shaping branches for hurdles. Managing trees or hedges was necessary for Iron Age farmers as the wood was used in the construction of hurdles, buildings, tools and vehicles and also for firewood and charcoal


The most important example of the geography of the Iron Age (and its modification by humans thereof) are hill forts.

According to Wikipedia : "They were a type of earthworks used as a fortified refuge or defended settlement, located to exploit a rise in elevation for defensive advantage. They are typically European and of the Bronze and Iron Ages."

They were also used for domestic purposes, for example food storage or industry. They are an important sign of the beginning of the modification of landscapes by people, and for people, for other means than agriculture.


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